Dal Shabet are a six member girl group under Happy Face Entertainment that debuted in 2011.

The members are: Serri, Ah Young, Ji Yul, GaEun, Subin and Woohee. Woohee joined the group in 2012 after former member Viki left in order to embark on a career as a solo artist. After this, Serri was announced leader of the group.

The group has released eight EPs so far and have had one studio album entitled ‘Bang Bang’ which was released back in 2012. The girls have also performed both together and separately on official soundtracks for five different Korean drama series.

The literal translation of ‘Dal Shabet’ is ‘Moon Sherbet’, which is an understandable name when considering the sugary sweet songs of their earlier days in songs like ‘Supa Dupa Diva’, ‘BLING BLING’ and ‘Mr. BangBang’, as well as the bright and adventurous concepts like that shown for the flowery space style MV for ‘Pink Rocket’.

As time has passed though, it seems that the group are dropping that sweet and cute, aegyo-filled beginning for some much more mature and sexy concepts. This seems to be a progression that has either pleased or disappointed Dal Shabet fans (A.K.A Darlings). Newer releases from the group like ‘Be Ambitious’, ‘B.B.BI’ and most recently ‘JOKER’ have shown a very different side to the girls with some daring choreography, more mature outfits and, it must be said, a few more close up shots of their derrieres.

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Unfortunately, the group have also not been without controversy. Their recently more sexualised lyrics and dance moves mean that they have often had to change things up in order to fit in with the often strict Korean broadcasting standards and the single and MV ‘Be Ambitious’ was put under fire from men’s rights group ‘Men of Korea’ for allegedly making a mockery of the South Korean military. Thankfully though, all of this was cleared up as a misunderstanding after talks between the rights group and Dal Shabet’s agency.

If you have yet to familiarise yourself with the idol group, you can have a watch of a few of their MVs below!:

Supa Dupa Diva

Pink Rocket

Mr. BangBang

Be Ambitious



Do you prefer Dal Shabet’s disco-pop or their more mature songs?


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