Say Yes are a 5 member South Korean idol band that debuted in 2013. They are under the agency Music Factory, and were actually created by Kim Tae Hyung a member of first generation group Firetruck.

The members are:

Main Vocalist: Subin
Electric Guitar: Hokyung
Acoustic Guitar: Sungkyu
Drummer: Si On
Djembe player: Junhyoung

Yes, you read that right – there’s a Djembe player! A Djembe is a West African drum that is played with your hands.

They released their debut MV entitled ‘It Feels Good’ which was followed by a mini album of the same name. Last year, they came back with their second mini album called ‘Say Great’ from which they released MVs for the tracks ‘Get Out’ and ‘Not a Dream’.

As the band plays their own instruments, their music often has a bit more of a raw and wholesome sound to it than a lot of K-Pop usually does. They have already shown their versatility through these two mini albums, tackling both upbeat and more solemn, rough songs in their back catalogue.

There seems to be a point of contention among fans caused by those who draw comparisons between Say Yes and CNBlue. Personally, I do feel this could be argued to an extent. Both bands often use catchy hook lines and melodies, and their songs are both soft-rock in their style and nature, however, I would suggest that Say Yes are perhaps a little rougher around the edges than CNBlue are. This is not a criticism, but rather, just a way the two groups’ music differs.

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Say Yes do not seem to have had a lot of coverage since their debut, and given their belonging to a fairly small agency, it is unfortunately to be expected that they might float under the radar when fighting against all the bigger agencies and their acts. However, they certainly do have talent, so if this article has piqued your interest, why have a watch of their MVs below and see what you think of them?

‘느낌이 좋아 (It Feels Good)’ Official Music Video

‘Get Out’ Official M/V

‘꿈이 아니야 (Not a Dream)’ Official M/V

Download their mini albums on iTunes:
It Feels Good’ Mini Album
‘Say Great’ Mini Album


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