For this week, there were a number of different songs that caught my attention with an abundance of comebacks from K-pop favourites, however only one could be featured – at least for this week anyway. Though, given the fact this song has consistently been on replay, this was kind of a no brainer for me.

The song ‘All day All night’ is a collaborated between Jakop (aka Simon Park from DMTN), Afterschool’s Raina who is also recognized as being one third of Orange Caramel, former SPEED’s leader Taewoon – now known under the new allias of ₩uNo and finally DAYDAY (also a member of DMTN who made an appearance on SMTM4 this year)


Truth be told, I had no idea who ‘Jakop’ was before I listened to the song – or when I watched the MV. The only name I recognized from the list of artists was Raina, who is a member from Afterschool and Orange Caramel. I only figured out who ₩uNo was until I watched the MV, otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to guess. It took a few listens before I was bought, however the funky tunes and smooth vocals were more than enough to drag me into putting the song on repeat, over and over again. I think the mellow singing from Raina coupled with Jakop’s vocals really matched well together. The rapping intervals were an additional bonus, wrapping the single with an abundance of talent!

Music Video

Now, the MV may be controversial, if I’m completely honest I quickly grew to love the song and I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with the music video. I mean, scantily clad girls are always making headlines and are usually the first thing that viewers point out. However, if a boy group did the same thing, rather than criticism they would be more likely to gain support. Perhaps I’m just not really bothered by it, but I’m sure other people don’t agree with the sense of (or rather, lack of in this case) dress style chosen for the women.

The music video reminded me somewhat of Jay Park’s ‘Mommae’ with the same theme of the kind of clothing the girls wore, or lack of anyway. Another part which struck me was that Zico made a cameo on the aforementioned music video, while his brother Taewoon (₩uNo) was featured in this music video. Both brothers had their fair share of being surrounded by a small crowd of women, must have been a dream come true for them! The message of this MV, however, is very much clear through the suggestive scenes played throughout and within the song lyrics. Especially given the 19 rating shown at the very start.

For my recommendation this week, I was torn between this song and Girls’ Generation’s new title track ‘You Think’. Although I listened to the demo more times than I should have whilst waiting for this to be released, I do rather like this new addition to SNSD’s list of good songs to listen to. Also, SNSD’s Lion Heart is a good one too!


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