We’re looking at a debut video for this week’s MV Monday! Well done JYP on getting this debut in the week before YG’s iKON. Smart move.

DAY6 consist of of members known to have competed in K-Pop Star 1, and rookies that went up against YG trainees on the September 13th episode of WIN. They are set to be the next JYP lead artist, lined up to take centre stage at the company as 2PM head off for their mandatory military service.

And pitting DAY6 as their next lead artist, over GOT7, might be a smart move. They shouldn’t find themselves compared to the likes of EXO for a start; and their ability to write and play their own music should stand them in good stead. With the success of acts such as 10cm and Busker Busker, the pop-rock fusion might just be exactly what JYP needs.

DAY6’s and their release Congratulations combine the positives of both genres, with the typical handsome visual of Kpop, a catchy hook and even a rapper, backed by strong instrumental elements rather than computer synthesised sounds. The mv is nothing new, though it captures their Kpop Idol image using fun, bright narrative style scenes, alongside displaying their musical talent in green filtered performance shots. The audience potential for DAY6 becomes much greater because of this fusion.

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One thing is clear though, for DAY6 to last as long as other JYP successes the company needs not treat them differently! We only need to look at SM’s history with TRAX in comparison to the likes of FNC’s CNBlue and FT Island to know that. So far, so good, and the future looks bright for DAY6.

Other video highlights of late include…

  • MONSTA X are back with a colourful mv that begins in a skate park. They spend a lot of time carrying boards, but never actually riding one.
  • Verbal Jint and Sanchez pay homage to Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses, Simon & Garfunkel and more in their Favourite! mv
  • Instead of just debuting iKON, YG have released a ‘project film‘ featuring Winner and iKON
  • Shinhwa’s Jun Jin steps out alone and shows off his dance skills in Wow Wow Wowbut should he have called this track Lookin’ At You?


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