In this MV breakdown, we are looking at the new release from Sistar’s SoYou and Kwon Jeong Yeol from the band “10cm”. The two released a sweet and melodious song, reminiscent of both SoYou’s previous duets and 10cm’s indie style music.

The video itself depicts SoYou herself and actor Lee Chul Woo as they move through each day separately, taking advantage of effects such as split screens, and showing the two vocalists against a wall singing, while the scenes are played on a TV in front of them, only seen by the viewers.

Throughout the video, it is clear that the pair are connected, as split screens show the two performing the same or tasks and with similar facial expressions, moods, even walking down the same street and getting into the same cab. And although the setting and time appears to be the same, they are not shown together or in the same shot during the first half of the video.

Lyrically, the verses in the song are about feeling lonely and the melancholy that might come of not having anyone to confide in or laugh with, resulting in boredom taking over and a loss of energy to even try to smile during the day. It is a feeling which many are sure to feel themselves reflected in, and especially the line “when you want to be alone, but you’re feeling lonely” rings true to that melancholy which the song represents.

The MV uses another interesting effects through a handheld camera in bad quality, giving the sense of an old home video being shown, providing a more personal and less detached viewing experience.

As the video moves on into the chorus, the song changes its beat and lyrical objective, and talks about how the other person can lean on them whenever they feel down or need to take a break from the melancholy of life, they will be there to understand and provide a shoulder to lean on. However, during the first chorus and even through the second verse where the actors get into a cab and are shown through different angles driving down the same path in what appears to be the same cap, they are never in the car together.

Only at the start of the second chorus, as the song builds to a new level, still keeping its cool and downplayed beat, do we finally see SoYou shift her head and lean on the actors shoulder. This beautifully manages to change the melancholy feeling of the video and brings a more romantic and soothing element, as the two are now shown together through all the previous scenarios, smiling and holding hands and leaning on each other, as the song tells to be the key to a life freed from loneliness and nostalgia. Essentially the song and video bring together the idea of shared pain is half the pain, and shared joy is double the joy.

The video does a beautiful job of depicting the loneliness and melancholy of feeling like there’s no one to talk to about your feelings or to make a long day feel worth it at the end. It manages to stick to the mood of the song and the result is yet another sweet and perfectly autumnal release from SoYou, who is nearing the title of queen of duets.


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