LUNAFLY kick off their European tour RE:BORN tomorrow in Madrid. Although they’re not stopping in the UK during their tour we still spoke with the now four member group about touring, albums and even Olly Murs

Let’s start with the obvious, since UnitedKpop last spoke to LUNAFLY you’ve changed considerably. Can you introduce the new LUNAFLY to UnitedKpop?

Hi we are Lunafly and comprise of members Sam (bass, vocal, and various other instruments) Yun (vocal and guitar), Yub (guitar) and Jin (Drums)

What is it like to become a part of an already formed group, or in fact to have new members join your group?

Well Yub is someone who worked with us on previous songs so it was very natural him coming into the group. Jin came in through an audition and we were very impressed with his skills. We have all gotten close very quickly and more so because we are working together on a new album.

For half of you this tour is a return to Europe, the other half your first time playing to European LUNAFLY fans. What are you each looking forward to during your time touring here?

Well we are certainly looking forward to seeing European fans again.  Europe has a very unique atmosphere and we are looking forward to experiencing the amazing cities again. We are going to a few countries where we have never been to before so we are looking forward to seeing new fans and new cities.

The response of your fans at shows must differ as you travel across the world. What have been your most memorable fan encounters?

Everywhere we go we have memorable shows and experiences. Latin America kind of stands out because it is very different to other areas of the world and we would never have imagined going there. In Mexico we even had underwear thrown at us on stage which is very memorable.

This tour gives you another chance to perform tracks from your Spanish album to a native speaking audience. What inspired you to write an album in Spanish?

We were inspired by the Mexican band Jesse Y Joy. We really fell in love with their music and after covering one of their songs we decided to write song original songs to be sung in Spanish. We also love how the spanish language sounds when we sing.

Sticking with the theme, you create some of the most impressive English covers to come from the Kpop world. In a hypothetical UnitedKpop X LUNAFLY covers session which songs would you sing?

There are too many great songs out there. Any song with a catchy and memorably vocal melody we would consider.
We all like Olly Murs’ most recent album and would perhaps like to cover ‘Beautiful to me’.

We vote this makes the UnitedKpop X LUNAFLY covers session set list!

Were the UnitedKpop Lunafly covers session to happen, you’d have to come to the UK of course, we hope the UK is somewhere you’d eventually like to perform!

Ever since we debuted the UK has been a place we want to visit. We admire a lot of British artists so it would be a dream come true.

Sam: I spent the first 24 years of my life in London so it would be amazing to go back and perform with Lunafly. Hopefully it can happen next time we are in Europe.

Though you’re great at putting your own spin on other people’s songs, we heard you’re focusing a lot more on producing original music – even for other groups. Tell us a little more about that

Well we are focusing on our next album which is probably going to be the best album yet in terms of the musicality.

Sam: I have been working with various producers on other songs which has been great. Developing myself as a producer is something I think of as vital.

2015 has so far been an important and busy year for you. What do you hope to see in LUNAFLY’s future, near or far?

Near or far we would like to continue touring around the world and releasing as much original music as we can.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your UK fans?

Thank you all so much for all of your support. It is greatly appreciated. We very much hope we can go to the UK the next time we are in Europe. See you all soon!


Are you going to see LUNAFLY during their European concert? 
Enjoy the show! 


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