HyunA has managed to establish a new Youtube record for the category female solo K-Pop artist by reaching over a 100 million views on her MV for “Bubble Pop”. The video, originally uploaded on 4Minute’s official Youtube channel, was posted on the 4th of July 2011 and currently stands at 100,155,900 views.

It’s not hard to understand why this MV in particular would reach so many views; the well-balanced combination of summer vibes, bright colours, short shorts and heels, sexy choreography and a very catchy tune definitely make it a recipe for success.

What may have added to the video’s success is the fact that one year after its release, HyunA appeared in PSY’s MV for “Gangnam Style”, which was a huge success worldwide and might have contributed to HyunA’s rising popularity outside the borders of Asia, thereby prompting views from new audiences.

But Hyuna doesn’t need to worry about getting her bubble burst (pun intended) any time soon. The MV with the second highest views for female solo K-Pop artists also belongs to her, and it’s the video for “Ice Cream”. It follows next to “Bubble Pop” with a staggering 77 million views.

Congratulations to Hyuna for her success on Youtube! If there’s one thing that’s sure now, it’s that she really is the best (a reference to her recent MV “Because I’m the Best“) at getting those records!

Alright, we’ll stop with the puns now…

Have you seen her MV for “Bubble Pop” yet? If not, make sure to check it below!






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