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MUSIC: XIA releases previews for Yesterday

XIA is set to release a final album before his military enlistment, and yesterday he released the preview tracks for the release. Take a listen for yourself:

CONTROVERSY: JYP & Twice face criticism for sexualised ads

JYP is under fire for a series of ads that sexualise school uniforms. Park Jin Young, along with his new girl group TWICE, modelled for uniform brand School Looks.

The posters feature TWICE members dressed in short, skin tight uniforms with captions such as Shading Skirt and Corset Jacket. Park can be seen gazing towards the members from behind his sunglasses.
It’s unacceptable, but have we grown accustomed to JYP doing such things? He did release this mv after all…

FUN: DOK2 is rich? Shocking!

Rapper DOK2 revealed on a radio show this week that his annual income is around one billion Korean Won, approximately six hundred thousand pounds.
Are we surprised? Not really, considering DOK2 was the first Korean rapper to purchase a pricey white Bentley, (Verbal Jint is the only other rapper to own a Bentley, though his is black), to add to his expensive car collection.

NEWS: Winner spotted in Sweden

After London Winner headed back to Asia, with stops in Korea and Japan. In less than a month Winner are back in Europe, having been spotted in Sweden.


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