The office was cramped, and dark. The wifi connection was awful, a rarity in Seoul, and the air conditioning was faulty; considering they were housed between an air conditioning engineer, and a telecom salesman it seemed a little ironic. Though, maybe, just maybe it was part of their punishment.
Areum pinned another official document to the overflowing office noticeboard. Hye was the one good with numbers, she’d know exactly how many of those Areum had pinned up there.
Restraining orders. Kwon Ji Young, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Seon Woong. Just some of the names that stood out from the mass of papers.
It was a hazard of the job, but the police had never made any real criminal charges stick. Sasaeng Inc was, technically, legal, they just happened to flirt with the line that led to illegal a little too often.

Areum and Hye had been sasaeng fans back when they were younger, they’d once successfully picked the lock on the H.O.T. dorms. The shirt they’d stolen from Kangta now hung on the wall in the office.

Areum thought she was getting to old for this, but the money, the money was amazing. Sasaeng Inc helped fans fill a lengthy list of obscure desires where there idols were concerned. Kpop fans with rich daddies were easy pickings and Sasaeng Inc thrived.

Hye checked the emails. They’re were always plenty. Many were not worth company time, some were just far too illegal to consider. As Areum looked over Hye’s shoulder at the screen and an email subject caught her eye. Re: Jung Yunho.
Only last week the pair had been talking about all the possible scenarios for a perfect hit on the country’s beloved Dong Bang Shin Ki. Areum pointing at the email and Hye opened it.
It contained only three words.


Now, that one, definitely illegal. Hye grinned at Areum, a grin that Areum knew meant trouble. KHSposter_yunhoHye had always had that one hit saved for the perfect person and maybe they’d found him.

Given the chance to assess her a psychiatrist would probably declare Hye criminally insane. For Areum that one act of stealing Kangta’s shirt had been ten minutes of teenage rebellion, for Hye it was the beginning of a lifestyle, one that would ultimately lead to Sasaeng Inc. Areum and Hye had been best friends since they were six. Areum had always been a bit ‘weird’, and Hye made her feel accepted, it had seemed natural to work with her, not matter how crazy the venture.

Two weeks had passed since the email, negotiations with the client had taken place, payment had been made. All that was left to do was action the hit.
They’d checked the duo’s schedule, a launch event, a fashion show, three music shows, a fan signing. Areum had an in at one of the music shows, but security had been too tight, they had no way of getting to Yunho. They’d have to strike at the signing event.

Hye had enlisted the help of her younger sister. Areum looked at the teenager, half their age, from behind her dark sunglasses and sighed. Min truly was a DBSK fan, and unbeknownst to her she was stood beside his soon-to-be killer.
Areum had heard the plan so many times it was etched into her brain. They couldn’t come back from this one. There’d be no restraining order, there’d be jail time.

credit: bitchking + personalyoonhoThey were close to the front of the line now. Hye snapped a photo of Yunho and her sister squealed with joy as she saw it on the screen of the digital camera. The photo was not meant to capture this day for Min, Hye had taken it for her scrapbook. Every idol they’d ever hit found their way into the book.

Min was next, she clutched onto her favourite DBSK album, ready for Changmin and Yunho to sign. She even had a card she’d made by hand for them.

Hye stood beside Min as the younger of the two spoke to Changmin excitedly. Only Areum saw as Hye switched the juice bottle that sat to the side of Yunho, slipping his into her bag, and leaving him with the one she had prepared.
Back in the office that morning Hye had injected super glue into a juice bottle. If you looked close enough you could see the residue at the top of the bottle, maybe even the tiny hole created by the hypodermic needle. But you had to look closely.

After he was done signing Min’s album Yunho reached out for the bottle. He didn’t look closely as he opened it and took a long drink. Hye was wearing that grin again. Areum watched from the crowd as Yunho’s expression changed, and as if in slow motion fell from his chair.
The last thing they saw was staff rush to the aid of Yunho before the crowd was ushered out of the building.

Yunho was in hospital, but he was alive. Hye was disappointed, Areum a little relieved. Their client? Well, she’d already admitted it to the press, but it seemed she wasn’t done with Sasaeng Inc.



Who will be the next Sasaeng Inc target? Will their attempt to kill an idol be found out?
What does their client have planned?

Tune in next week for a new episode of KOREAN HORROR STORY


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