This month REPLAY takes a look at some of our favourite Halloween-y tracks.


VIXX – On and On: I’ve had this song on my iPod for years, and it just never gets old! Plus, they get sent to space in the MV and do an amazing zombie/alien kind of dance. I mean, let’s be real – since MJ everyone loves a bit of zombie dance!



2NE1 – It Hurts: It’s such an incredible song, you can’t ever go wrong with a ballad by 2NE1 😀 Plus the outfits and desolate sets are hauntingly beautiful. The stylist really nailed all of the members looks with an individual halloween twist to them 🙂



Seotaiji – You don’t have to watch this one to get the Halloween-y feel from it, but the mv is a massive bonus. It’s the story of a child from Halloween Town who has to search to find her missing mum, a witch – and it is so Tim Burton I can’t help but love it. A Korean friend of mine once told me I look like Seotaiji (not sure if that’s a compliment) but maybe that’s my Halloween outfit sorted!


History – Psycho: To date my favourite concept from them. It’s just so darn creepy!!! The song is good, a well-made storyline that definitely falls into the halloweeny category, and it’s basically got it all for me. Gutted they didn’t win anything with this one.


BETHANY SMITH: VIXX – Voodoo Doll: This is the song that first got me properly into VIXX and it fits the Halloween season so perfectly!

JORDAN TAYLOR: BtoB – Thriller: The dance is amazing and it just gives me that Halloween feeling, it’s a great song to listen to on Halloween~
ED note: MJ vibes, excuse us while we go an watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller now.

Do you have a favourite Halloween inspired track, or mv? Why not share it with us in the comments below?


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