Once again this year seems to be whizzing by with Halloween only being a day away, this SOTW will be fully dedicated to spooky songs and some that have downright creepy music videos! So, without further ado, here’s the list of Halloween songs featured this year!

  • SHINee – ‘Married to the Music’

Before we look at the song itself, let’s take a moment to appreciate SHINee’s costumes for the 2015 SM Wonderland that took place this week! This group in particular never fails to impress with their chosen Halloween outfits! Starting off with Minho as a pirate (perhaps Jack Sparrow?), Taemin as Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle), Onew was Colonel Sanders (otherwise known as being on the KFC logo) with Key following that up with being Ronald McDonald (the mascot from the McDonalds fast food chain) and finally Jonghyun dressed up as Inuyasha!

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Now, SHINee is a group that has a distinctive style that you could listen to and recognize. ‘Married To The Music’ is a good example of a Halloween song, with its Micheal Jackson inspired tunes and the general theme of strange and wacky events going on such as heads being cut off along with other facial counterparts being removed within the course of the three minutes on the music video.

Don’t let that deter you though, it’s not gory in the slightest. If anything, you’re be wondering what the heck if going on that you’ll be left befuddled by the end. The MV for this song was released ahead of time before Halloween, so SHINee were definitely well prepared in advance!

  • Ladies’ Code – ‘Hate You’

This isn’t a Halloween orientated song, though just like with the majority on this list, the dark themes within the music videos fit the criteria, the usage of dolls which looks as if they symbolize the members of the Ladies’ Code being thrown away in favor of a new, flashy doll. The general gist of the song is about a bittersweet mismatched bag of hating someone because they feel used yet loving them the same time.

  • VIXX – ‘Voodoo Doll’

I think overall, in terms of originally with their MV’s, VIXX has to be given due credit for the storytelling behind the song. There are two versions of this music video, the clean version that is included below and the bloodier version which you can find on YouTube. Though, for anyone like me who can’t stand watching anything related to horror, I’ll think I will just stick with the clean version.

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  • Big Bang – ‘Monster’

Now, here’s a vague supernatural creature that you might expect to be related to Halloween. This 2012 track’s lyrics has the members proclaiming that they aren’t monsters to the significant other aimed in the song. However, from the visual aspects from the music video, they certainly don’t appear to be human-like. Perhaps they are trying to convey that just because they are physically different from humans, it doesn’t make them a monster.

  • Lee Jung Hyun – ‘V’

This is most definitely an extremely creepy music video to watch.

The beginning seems to be a pivotal point in most horror films, where you find one of the characters (main or just a side) stranded in the middle of nowhere. And there’s usually only one other place to go to. Which is nearly always when they are either killed off or become forced to marry a doll-like bride.

  • Sunmi – ‘Full Moon’

Like the title of the song states, it’s about a full moon – in essence you would think it might be related to werewolves, but in actual fact it’s all about vampires. The first few seconds of the music video leaves the watcher with a haunted feeling, the special effects with the back dancers appearing out of nowhere and the super speed abilities adds a special supernatural element to the otherwise sensual track.

  • Orange Caramel – ‘My Copycat’

Halloween isn’t always about horror films and everything creepy in general, probably one of the main reasons people like it is because it justifies dressing up however you want to (even if it’s not remotely related to Halloween). Orange Caramel is well known for their unique and cutesy concepts that make your teeth ache from the sweetness (which could also be related to candy?), this song isn’t any different in the least bit. It’s also Where’s Wally themed with OC’s own twist.

  • Boyfriend – ”Witch’

Kind of like with Sunmi’s ‘Full Moon’, just from looking at the title of the song you might guess that it somehow relates to the magical beings. However, unsurprisingly it’s not. Instead, the members of Boyfriend appear to be werewolves and the main female in the MV looks like she’s a warrior version of Little Red Riding Hood.

  • f(x) – ‘Dracula’

Like you’d expect, this song is about the myth that is Dracula. Perhaps one of the only, kind of, relevant Halloween songs in this list. F(x) always come out every year with catchy tunes and Dracula is one of them, check it out if you haven’t already!

  •  EXO – ‘WOLF’

There’s a number of choices that you could pick that are related to Halloween, (i.e. Growl, Let out the Beast), but Wolf was released after the long hiatus from the Mama era. It’s about a bunch of teenage who can shift into werewolves at whim and express their desire for a girl. Just another typical K-pop love song with a somewhat cliche twist.

What are your favourite Halloween K-pop songs? Let us know if we missed any!


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