If you’re looking for a sweet jazzy-Kpop soloist, look no further than the dreamy Dabit, who has just released his first mini-album, UP&DOWN today.

Dabit’s real name is David Kim, and he’s Korean-American. After growing up in Ohio and studying music at Berklee in the US, he decided to head to Korea, where his smooth vocals and good looks bagged him some trainee days with Choeun Entertainment. However, a solo career was a stronger pull – leading to his debut with KoffeeDream Management in 2013. His debut was also the day of his birthday, December 5th.

So far Dabit has released two digital singles, Whoo Whoo Whoo and Zone Out, and today his first mini album was released. If you want to hear more of his vocal talents, check his YouTube channel packed with delicious covers of other artists like Adele and Jason Mraz.

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Videos are great, but they’re nothing like hearing the man himself live. Lucky for us, Dabit is beginning a European tour this month! He’s playing Germany, Ireland, Romania and France. Click the dates below for more information on each live event, and look out for more information on Dabit coming soon to United Kpop.

17 October Essen, Germany
26 October Dublin, Ireland
1 November Bucharest, Romania (fan meeting)
10 November Paris, France (joint concert with SAGA)
14 November Dublin, Ireland
17 November Cork, Ireland (fan meeting)

Recommended MVs

UP&DOWN Audio Teaser

Zone Out

Whoo Whoo Whoo – the debut track

A cute cover of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, recorded in his bedroom!

More links
DABIT official youtube
DABIT official Facebook


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