Celebrating their fourth year since debut this very week are MYNAME.

The five guys – GunWoo (leader), InSoo, SeYong, JunQ and Chaejin (maknae) – are signed to H2 Media. The band was originally created by Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee. He trained the boys for two years personally, as their vocal trainer and record producer.

MYNAME debuted in October 2011 with Message. At the time, they were also an SBS show, Ta-Dah it’s MYNAME, a reality show tracking their lives while preparing for debut. As we might expect, there’s a marked difference between the boys’ styling and sound from their debut to today. A super-synched slickness has gradually given way to a more relaxed urban street style look and feel. The 2013 release Baby I’m Sorry began this transition visually, with its 19+ rated MV. (The MV was based on a movie about street gangs.) Working with Lee Hyun Do (D.O) of hip-hop duo Deux on their third mini album Day by Day also had a strong influence on their sound.

The fanclub name is MYgirl, and it’s also the name of a new single on an upcoming ‘best of’ album next month. Fans voted for the band’s top ten tracks to go on the album, so it should a good general introduction to the band.

MYNAME performed on stage today at the Super Show 2015 in Tokyo, and more Japanese showcases and events are planned for December, where they’ve already released three albums. The members are also currently starring in a web series called Pocket Boyfriend, where each member tries their best to charm you on mini dates. There are even English subs, so go let yourself be wooed!

Recommended MVs
Just Tell me – the last release

Too Very Much

Baby I’m Sorry

Day By Day

Message – the debut single

Ta-Dah it’s MYNAME – the early days

4th anniversary message – Korean language only

See them re-enacting Home Alone in Korean


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