Rainy day? Make like a Korean and get some pajeon in you. Pajeon, green onion pancake, is often paired with makgeolli (rice wine) and it is said that sales of these two products often spike in rainy weather.

Pajeon comes in a variety of flavourful forms, depending on what else you’d like to throw into the batter. Seafood, haemul pajeon, is a popular combo, but beef also makes a great addition.

If you’re in Korea, Busan is a good place to try fresh seafood pajeon. Restaurant Dongnae Halmae Pajeon has been serving up the dish for four generations – check out more details here.

If you’re at home, get cooking with this seafood recipe by Judy Joo.

Eat Your Kimchi also did a nice basic pajeon recipe vid.

And don’t forget the makgeolli.


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