First of all, I know what you might be thinking: “Hand cream isn’t classed as make-up!” You are correct, but of course, it can arguably still be included in the very largest of umbrellas that is cosmetics and beauty. So, we can get away with it, right?!

Okay, now that’s sorted, let’s take a look at the product itself. ‘ETUDE HOUSE Missing U Hand Cream’!

As with most Korean cosmetics, the packaging is unusual and very adorable. Buyers have the choice of 4 designs – ‘Pink Dolphin’, ‘Harp Seal’, ‘Fairy Seal’ and ‘Panda’. A small pot of the cream sits at the bottom, with the twistable lid completing a ‘bell-like’ shape. The product is quiet small, amounting to around 10cm in height. No matter which design you choose though, there is seemingly no variation in the hand cream itself.

It is stated to:

“[Contain] Organic olive oil…Contain large amounts of natural vitamins and moisturizing ingredients…[Contain] Shea Butter [to]supply sufficient nutrition to the skin.” [It also states that the product is “very good for dry skin”].

I purchased the ‘Fairy Penguin’ design. As aforementioned, the product is little, meaning that only small amount of cream is actually supplied. However, it also means that it is the perfect size for a handbag or backpack and is great for something to use when out and about.

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The consistency of the cream is very smooth and surprisingly thin. I was worried that the latter would mean you would need a lot more to sufficiently cover your hands, but even the tiniest amount on one’s fingertip goes quite far. It absorbs very easily into the skin, with any sticky residue disappearing in under 5 minutes. Again, this is ideal if you are busy out and about and do not have time to hang around and wait for full absorption before you can touch anything again!

The one main issue I have with this product is the smell. It is not an unpleasant one by any means, but it is quite ‘artificial’. It reminds me of the fragrance of talcum powder and scented baby wipes. Personally, I tend to prefer more natural scents in my cosmetic products such as jasmine or cocoa. It’s a fairly strong smell as well, which is not good if you are sensitive to harsh fragrances.

As a hand cream, it does a good job, restoring a bit of moisture and leaving your hands with a smooth and soft feel. If you are the type that suffers with dry and itchy skin during the winter season, or you are a serial and rigorous hand-washer like myself, it’s a good product to have nearby. The price is good too, coming in at under £5 on most retail websites.


This is a very cute product that does a good job as a hand cream. Having said this though, I would not say it is something particularly spectacular. I would personally be more inclined to use my general body moisturiser on my hands than this. However, I think it is a great little thing to have in your bag for ‘emergencies’ as it is extremely portable. I also think it would be the perfect gift for a friend that loves all things sweet and cute!

[EDIT: I have since been informed that there is indeed differences between the hand creams – each has a different scent, which is shown by the image on each container’s ‘stomach’!]

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