Hotels Combined are the sponsors of this years Best Music Video category at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and the nominees are all equally impressive.

This week’s MV Monday is going to take a look at all five nominees to find out what makes each mv worthy of such an award. So here goes:



Produced by Seo Hyun-Seung, also responsible for the Fantastic Baby mv, Bae Bae is probably the most sexual mv to come from a male group in Kpop.
To cover all of the erotic references we might need to write a novel, but rest assured that Bae Bae is full of them. From implications of virility, fertility, fantasy and fetish; to art references that themselves imply sexual themes.

Bae Bae is one of the most visually striking mvs of the year, making it an adventure to watch, even if you’re unaware of many of the references on display.

f(x): 4 Walls

4 Walls is the first release from f(x) since their loss of Sulli. The track is one of a number of SM releases to be produced at least in part by LDN Noise. Promotional materials for 4 Walls featured beautifully simplistic teasers, and even an art exhibition though the music video might fall short against its competitors in this category.
The girls appear to play the same part, though in four different faces, though their only real narrative is that they get to run around the forest for a while before they become individual entities rather than a collective. However, their innocent forest nymph visual works well.

SHINee: Married to the Music

Another SM contender, SHINee’s Married to the Music is their second collaboration this year with director Shin Heewon (ST-WT, also directed View).
Married to the Music is beautifully vintage, employing many visual stylings from old B-Movie horror flicks. As we follow SHINee they slowly start to lose their facial features in plenty of amusing ways. It is only in the final shot we see why, the girl has made her ideal man using parts of SHINee, an homage to Frankenstein and his bride?

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Wonder Girls: I Feel You

Wonder Girls also went through a rebrand this year, and too released a wonderfully retro mv. Their 80s sound is teamed with a performance video fit for any 80s pop queen. In fact, you could be excused for thinking this looks like a cross between an 80s Top of the Pops performance, and a work out video!
I Feel You seems to pay homage to Madonna, one of the queens of pop music.


Last up is INFINITE’s Bad! Bad’s mv was produced by DigiPedi and although the concept isn’t at all unique the visual is different to most other interpretations of the ‘trapped’ visual.
The release of their 360 version allows you to see multiple angles of each scene, often revealing more corridors and more members, intensifying the trapped feeling. Even in larger rooms or a parking garage the members find themselves trapped by picture frames, or mirrors.
Bad is simple in concept, but the visual tricks make it one of the years best mvs.

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