As the author of two photobooks to date, it’s no secret that Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L) loves to take pictures, and is often spotted with camera in hand during events and tours.

Recently he shared some of his private photos of London, taken during Infinite’s 2nd World Tour Infinite Effect. The photos were published on Naver along with some cute notes from Myungsoo about his time touring in Europe. London was their third European destination.

“What do you think about London?” Myungsoo wrote alongside his London pics. “Fog, Big Ben, London Eye, Harry Potter and Kingsman. The atmosphere was just what I expected. The cloudy sky was classic. As soon as we arrived, I just liked the feeling of London itself.”


The 2014 movie Kingsman really seemed to have captured his interest, as he photographed Regent Street, Saville Row and inside the Huntsman shop used in the movie.


As well as London, Myungsoo shared some photos of Paris and Warsaw, and some candid backstage pics of the boys rehearsing and eating. Is this a third Bravo Viewtiful in the making? Hope so. See the full post here on Naver.


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