PSY has returned with his seventh full album, and it is packed full of collaborations. We took a listen to the album to find out if it has lived up to the hype surrounding it.

The album has plenty of retro vibes with the likes of I Remember You featuring Zion T backed by an 80s electropop sound, and Dream featuring XIA holding a strong pop ballad feel.
In fact, many of the collaborations are strong tracks. delivers exactly what is expected of him, his style fitting perfectly with PSY for ROCKnROLLbaby.
Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko contributes to Ahjussi Swag for a rap track with a pop sound.

One of the lead tracks from the album is a collaboration with CL of 2NE1, and to call the mv crazy might be an understatement.
We see PSY playing almost every lead character in mv, it’s strange, and it’s perfectly fitting of PSY.
The song isn’t any less unusual. One might hope its almost a response to JYP’s Who’s Your Mama?, but that might be over thinking things.
You might even spot some of the old Gangnam Style dance moves in this one.

Napal Baji is a catchy track, and comes with a 70s style mv. Complete with toilet humour, questionable dancing and references to his international recognition, this mv is exactly what you’d expect from PSY.
The MV highlight is probably PSY in the barrel as a real-life version of the Pop Up Pirate game. And no, we have no idea why PSY needs to shave his baby smooth face.


The last track on the album is SING (with Ed Sheeran) [PSYMix]. A PSY remix of Ed Sheeran’s number one hit SING, this version is certainly different. If you’re an Ed fan I won’t promise you’ll be hitting repeat on this remix.
The PSYMix includes cuts of Ed’s vocals, but the unusual tuning doesn’t always fit Ed’s sound.
This closing track is rather marmite, and I (maybe controversially) wish it didn’t exist. Sadly, it is not the close this album deserves.

PSY’s Seventh Album has its highs and lows, but all in all is an impressive offering, and is at least worth a listen even if you don’t end up with the album on reply!

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