Ga In is a member of the girl group Brown Eyed Girls under Nega Network. For this edition of Weekly Idol though, we will be focusing on her solo career which began in 2010.

All the Brown Eyed Girls members have embarked upon solo activities and Ga In was the second member to take the plunge into the soloist swimming pool after Narsha. So far, Ga In has released 5 solo EPs which have all performed well on Korean music charts.

As with all the B.E.G ladies, Ga In has never been afraid to push the boundaries with her work. Her songs and music videos have tackled controversial issues about physical intimacy, domestic violence and religion and her image has always conveyed a sensual and provocative air.

The visuals in her MVs are often highly artistic, detailed and very well thought out. The imagery, high production value, and in some cases, daring choreography shown will usually spark quite a frenzy on the K-Pop music scene – arguably meaning that her releases are always highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Throughout the past 5 years, Ga In’s concepts have grown and developed in their complexity and managed to get a lot of debate flowing amongst audiences. For example, her single ‘Truth or Dare’ could be said to discuss the lies that circulate throughout the media about celebrities. There was also a lot of talk about her EP ‘Hawwah’ (the Korean name for Eve from Adam and Eve) – which seemed to explore the representation of women throughout religious texts as the weak ones that are prone to give in to temptation.

Of course, she is also well known for her television marriage with her friend and fellow singer Jo Kwon on the variety show ‘We Got Married’. The couple were extremely popular on the show and are affectionately dubbed ‘The Adam Couple’ by fans. Ga In has also showed her great sense of humour many times through her participation in parodies and SNL Korea sketches – often with her as the butt of the jokes.

It is easy to see that Ga In is a very confident and brave artist, and fans are undoubtedly hopeful that she will continue to confront important, yet often taboo issues in her future releases.

Are you a fan of Ga In?
Here are a few of her music videos:



‘Truth or Dare’

‘Fxxk U (feat. Bumkey)’

‘Apple (feat. Jay Park)’

‘Paradise Lost’

Ga In Sketch on SNL Korea


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