In 2015, there was quite a resurgence on ’90s fashion’. Things like colourful hair braids, bucket hats and choker necklaces started to become popular again across Europe and Asia.

For this edition of our new fashion feature, in which we explore prominent trends throughout the world of K-Pop, here’s a look at how some K-Pop stars have showed off choker necklaces!

In 9Muses ‘Hurt Locker’ MV, many of the girls wear thin and simple black chokers with small metallic detailing. VIXX also used chokers as a significant focal point in their concept fashion for ‘Chained Up’.

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VIXX – ‘Chained Up’ MV

Chokers are an uncomplicated and effective way to add a little interest to your outfit. The have a sort of pseudo-sexy quality to them that arguably stems from S&M and ownership connotations. However, they can also give your look a cool and interesting vibe.

You can usually get chokers for quite an affordable price from most high street brands, and the varieties of detail will undoubtedly mean there is something for everyone. Here’s a small selection:

Choker Necklaces,,,

  1. Black Rhinestone Choker – Topshop: £3
  2. Alexis Moo and Faux Pearl Choker – £5
  3. Amy Metal Cross and Bead Choker – £6
  4. Black Dreamcatcher Beaded Choker – New Look: £5.99
  5. Lucy Wide Chain Choker – £5

Chokers aren’t for everyone, many people can feel uncomfortable having fabric too close to their throats and will probably find themselves impulsively tugging at the choker whenever they wear them.

If you are okay with wearing chokers though, they are definitely something not to be missed if you feel your look needs to be a little spiced up, but don’t have a lot of change in your purse!

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