The Korean Cultural Centre UK is hosting a number of K-Culture workshops this year and applications have opened to select successful students.

These workshops include:

Taekwondo: The Korean martial art and sport.

Seoyeh: Korean Calligraphy

Gayageum: Traditional Korean music classes.


Jogakbo: Traditional Korean patchwork/sewing.

Applications for these workshops are open to anyone over the age of 18 and participation in more than one workshop a term is prohibited. A term consists of 10 weeks and there are 3 terms in the year.

There are various ways to apply but you will need to either email to request an application form or head on over to the KCCUK website to directly download it.

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The deadline for submitting your application is at midnight Sunday 31st January 2016. Any applications received after this time will not be considered. Successful candidates will be announced on the KCCUK’s homepage on the 3rd February.

For more details on the curriculum and how to apply, head on over to the KCCUK’s website.

Good luck with your applications!


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