Stellar is one of the first girl groups to make their 2016 comeback with the song ‘Sting’! They are most certainly well known for their racy and suggestive music video releases such as ‘Marionette’ and ‘Vibrato’. It seems that in comparison this MV is more toned down.




The song from the moment it starts until the very end has an upbeat, summery kind of feel. Which is definitely something we need during the cold, arctic winter January. Though, the message of the song is anything but happy. It describes the plot of the other person in the relationship who lies through his teeth, gets caught in his own web of lies yet denies that he is in the wrong. The position that the Stellar members are in makes them feel wary, like they have to question whether they can truly trust the words of the other person – which isn’t healthy as trust is a major component of any relationship to thrive and survive.

The lyrics within the song refers to a “Judas kiss”. When in reality or fantasy, whichever way you look at it, a kiss is supposed to symbolize love and passion, yet if the word ‘Judas’ is linked then suspicion instantly props up as trust is on the verge of breaking. Furthermore to that point, the words – “I feel like being the detective Sherlock. Though I am a defendant in this case”. The members of Stellar paint a picture that they’re stuck between two roles, on one side they’re finding clues to decipher the change in behaviour while they’re also stuck in the dark, trying to defend the person’s actions.






This MV, although does not run to the full extent of their past suggestive music videos in the past, still contains their signature stamp that they carried out throughout their careers.

There’s a constant theme of arrows pointing towards the members, it could suggest the focus is all on them (or accusations thrown in their direction from the other person to avoid the real truth coming out?) Or, on the other hand, the evidence (in the form of arrows) of the person’s actions keeps pilling up until they cannot ignore it any longer, but they’re torn between not wanting to acknowledge it and calling the person out on it. Every time they’re reminded, it hurts them to know deep down that the person is careless and does not care about their feelings.

There’s also a few scenes with ladybugs crawling over their hands and arms, like an almost invisible pest in which the girls were swatting or flicking it away from them. The insect could possibly imply that the person who is lying in the relationship makes numerous attempts on trying to gain their affections when they all turn to failures.

What are your thoughts on the song and/or music video?


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