It’s been a year since 4Minute released ‘Crazy’, which flaunted an edgy concept that raised more interest in the group with dance covers being posted from all over. Now, they are finally making their comeback with another fierce title track ‘Hate’ which was produced by  Skrillex, an American musician known for his dubstep style!



-For the first minute, the song maintains a slow rhythm to match with the vocalists of the group. It seems to be the calm before the storm, especially when the chorus kicks in as the girls come together as a strong and fierce team that mirrored their last song ‘Crazy’.

-I feel that the lines are more distributed in this song. Jihyun often has the least amount of singing coverage with previous 4Minute tracks, this song seemed to fit her vocal range.

-With Jiyoon’s part, the translation of the lyrics in her rapping segment was interesting to read. For example, she said: “Writing all the answers in an answer that isn’t the answer”. Excuses may have been put forward in order to avoid the truth coming out so that time is bought. However, it is apparent by the tone of the song (and the self-explanatory name), that the lies can no longer be tolerated. In addition another part of the lyrics included: “Instead of being blinded by love, we wear colored lenses”. It is evidence that the honeymoon stage has past its expiry date, leaving behind nothing but anger and suppressed frustration.


-In the beginning, we see Gayoon wedding scene, perhaps illustrating the ‘honeymoon’ phase which could have been short-lived? There are constant shifts between scenes of her wearing a white and black dress – the latter in mourning of the end of the relationship? The roses that fall to the ground show a premature end that symbolizes what could have been a beautiful relationship. With Hyuna, being stranded in the desert could suggest the inevitable feeling of loneliness. She might not have anyone to turn to, especially now that the person she would often speak to is nothing but a compulsive liar. Jihyun – surrounded by pieces of red string (something that’s often known as something that binds two individuals together). Towards the end of her scene, a pair of scissors is revealed leaving behind the remains of a broken red string (which could suggest broken trust – something that may never fully heal). At this point, the song picks up it gets more aggressive, could show emotions reaching boiling point. In contrast to their previous MV ‘Crazy’ it had a monochrome theme, whereas red is the dominant colour here.

What are your thoughts on the song?


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