SHINee member Taemin has made his solo comeback, and this time we are taking our style inspiration from his MV for ‘Press Your Number’! Taemin is known for his quite adventurous style – even when in the company of the other SHINee members, he often stands out with his crazy clothing (though, it could be argued, Key gives him a real run for his money here).

Take a look at his MV below:

Despite Taemin’s fashion-forward ways, this look is mercifully casual and easy to replicate, which means it is something everyone can have a go at sporting for themselves. The singer seems to love his ripped jeans, and this is probably the easiest way to add a little edginess to your look. Some of the pairs seen in the video are so torn up, you can barely call them jeans anymore, but even just a slit at the knee will give you that cool vibe. Of course, you could get ripping at an old pair you might have hanging within the depths of your wardrobe, but there are also plenty ‘pre-ripped’ and roughed-up pairs available to buy on the high street.

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  1. Women’s Dark Grey Ripped Skinny Jeans – New Look: £24.99
  2. Men’s Black Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans – New Look: £24.99
  3. Women’s Therapy Leopard Print Cardigan – House of Fraser: £8.25
  4. Women’s Black Lace Up Worker Boots – New Look: £13
  5. Men’s Ecru and Navy Striped T-shirt – Topman: £8
  6. Men’s Amplified Black Red Hot Chilli Peppers T-shirt – Topman: £20
  7. Men’s ASOS Denim Jacket With Hood in Mid Wash – ASOS: £45
  8. Men’s Black Leather Brogues – Topman: £35
  9. ASOS Fisherman Beanie in Grey Cashmere – ASOS: £22

Another classic part of Taemin’s signature style is bold prints. In this video, he is shown wearing a leopard print jacket. This really sets off the look, especially when it is paired with some plain coloured jeans. You do not have to go overboard with the print you choose though, anything with a slight pattern or extra detailing will still give you a statement piece for your outfit.

If you are not into these wilder parts of the looks shown in ‘Press Your Number’, you can opt for a bold print t-shirt and denim jacket combo as also seen in the video. Taemin’s layering of hoodies and jackets is practical as well as fashionable, and it will help keep you warm as the seasons change from a cold winter to a spring chill.

You can finish off the look with some black boots or brogues. Converse trainers would also suit this style well. As well as this, you could be like Taemin and add a nice beanie to keep your head warm!


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