Winter is slowly coming to a close, which can only mean one thing- spring is upon us! With the new season approaching we’ve made the perfect hand selected playlist for you welcome the new season. As winter is on its way out we can hope these songs will be paired with some warmer weather (but seeing as it’s the UK we can’t hold out for the heat, but we can hope there’ll be some well needed warmth!) The collection of tracks features a mix of both old and new classics, that’ll be perfect for the next few weeks!

  1. Taemin- Press your Number
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Taemin recently shot back onto music shows with his own solo debut, and this song is perfect for welcoming spring! The song itself is a catchy love song, that picks up pace as it goes- much like the thawing winter weather, breaking away for spring! The mix of dark and bright colours in the MV bring lots of inspiration for the coming season.

  1. SISTAR- I Swear
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Adding another love song to the mix, SISTAR make an appearance in this playlist with ‘I swear’! Although the song gives us an abundance of summer feelings this’ll be the perfect track to welcome in the spring and brush off any cold leftover from the winter!

  1. BIGBANG- La la la
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Heading back through Bigbang’s extensive catalogue of amazing songs made me rediscover this gem! The hip-hop feel to this song is enough to get you through the spring season on a high, and ready for summer that’ll be just around the corner before we know it.

  1. Girls Day- Darling
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The bright colours and outfits Girl’s day sport in this MV are enough to get you into the spring mood! The quickly paced, and catchy tune are enough to fill you with all the inspiration you need. As well as a whole collection of adorable spring outfit ideas!

  1. Teen Top- ah-ah
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I just had to include this amazing song in the playlist; it’s one of my favourites from 2015! Teen Top never disappoint with their songs, and this ones perfect for dancing away spring to. Not only this- but the MV is chock full of beautiful pastels, matching beautifully with spring.

  1. Lee Hi- Hold my Hand
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This song really is a gem. After the long awaited return of Lee Hi with her recent comeback, she has this perfect spring suited track. Since this has been released I can’t stop playing it! Her vocals are so soothing to listen to, and perfect easy listening to while getting any work done.

  1. Xia Junsu- 11am
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Carrying over the more soothing, slowed down songs I present you- Junsu’s 11am! This song really showcases his incredible vocals, and the soft pace and sweet bird songs in the background are perfect to listen to when relaxing over the Easter bank holiday.

  1. AOA Black – Moya
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After AOA Cream debuted with their cute song “I’m Jelly baby” I’ve found myself going back through older AOA songs. If there was ever a song made for spring, it’d be this! The acoustic guitar gives this a perfect spring time feel, I could just imagine this playing at a park picnic!

  1. Akdong Musician- 200%
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Once again, we’re back to the white bright and light MV’s, filling us with spring vibes. As with previous songs the guitar gives this a really fresh feel, and the stripped back feel letting us hear the vocals gives the song a really clean finish. A perfect spring cleaning song!


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