B.A.P recently came back into the spotlight with their 5th mini album Carnival, getting all of us in the spirit ready for their up-coming “Live on Earth 2016” tour!  The concept for the album is described as the sun coming back to enjoy the fun of spring; and we couldn’t agree more. Throughout the six tracks, and one MV for ‘Feel so Good’ you can really pick up on the fun up-beat vibe they wanted to showcase.


1. Today

Today really sets the tone for the rest of the album, the orchestral arrangements compliment the incredible voices B.A.P have, and it matches perfectly with Daehyun’s singing! Wouldn’t this track be perfect for opening up a concert? The song really has the soft sounds perfect for spring- and the right amount of power to open up for the rest of the album.

2. Carnival

This song opens with a fast paced tempo, and an up-beat tune with quite a jazz feel to it. Carnival really welcomes in the spring season well, and actually has a slight summery feel to it! As with most of the songs on this album; it’s a great song for dancing to, the fast pace just makes you want to get up, we could just imagine this playing at a festival.

3. Feel so Good

Feel so Good is so catchy, it’s incredible! Just like Carnival, it has the retro feel coming through the instruments.  And what’s great is that you can really hear each of the members talents come through in each of their parts. Carnival is just great song, upon great song!


4. GO

When you’re listening through the whole album, the intro of GO really catches your attention! Although it has a slower pace to start, the party continues with the house rhythms. There’s a section where all the members sing along with less of the music playing in the background- this’ll be perfect for fans to sing along to at concerts!

5. Albatross

The start of this undeniably sends out all of the summer vibes! This song would be so well suited at a fun beach party when the weather warms up, can’t it be summer already? Out of the whole album, this is the only song with a more rock/alternative feel and it really makes it stand out (in the best way, of course!) Especially in the breakdown, this song just makes you want to dance.

6. My Girl

As the last song in the mini album, everything begins to slow down with My Girl. The soft rock song is really easy to listen to with relaxing guitar melodies and warm feel. It turns out this song was written and recorded 2 years ago! We’re so glad they decided to release it with this album as it brings the all of the songs to a close perfectly.

After listening to the whole album, it’s easily said just how wonderful each of these songs are. They fit the spring season to a T- and it’s exciting to imagine what B.A.P will be bringing to show fan’s on their “Live on Earth 2016” tour next month!


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