Over the past week or so, some of the favourites have slowly started bringing out new releases, VIXX being one as they have recently made their comeback with ‘Dynamite’. It’s definitely a contrast between their older releases in the past but nevertheless, it’s still a good tune from the underrated group.

song-702x95It seems to be a softer tone from older songs? It’s a catchy pop song nonetheless, totally suited for the approaching summer period. Just like the title suggests, the imagery temperament of what dynamite would be like that comes to mind is powerful, explosive, destructive, spontaneous and sometimes impulsive which could provide some background to some of the lyrics meaning: “Don’t tell me to calm down,”. The tone of the song looks as if there’s a blatant hint of possessiveness, given by the jealous undertones.

Another interesting part of the lyrics that we picked up included: “I’m supposed to be the protagonist.
Somehow I became the villain. Even if I have to change my heart and be evil, girl. I want to steal you, don’t leave me.” Although the ‘bad boy’ concept has never been far trailing behind some of the boy groups, to refer themselves as a villain is different. For the members of VIXX to fall into the category of the villains of their own stories, perhaps due to jealously and over-protectiveness, they’re made to look like they’re in the wrong.

mvAlthough it’s kind of strange since we’re so accustomed to seeing intrinsic and complex stories lurking beneath the surface of their music videos. This group is good with letting the story unfold as you watch the MV. Especially since they do seem to favour fantasy inspired stories. It’s different from their usual style, not necessarily bad, just like every other group they experiment with different ideas. The choreography from VIXX is always something to watch to, it’s almost fascinating and during the latter parts you start to see the symbolism of the dynamite-like explosive anger as they inflict it onto the mannequins, whom seem to be the ‘other competition’ in this case.


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