Back in 2014 when B.A.P first made a visit to the UK, many people thought that would be it, like many other K-pop groups, they wouldn’t make a second trip. However, fans of the group were pleasantly surprised when Onion Production announced that B.A.P would be holding a second UK concert in The Coronet on May 13th, 2016. They would later be surprised further when Himchan announced plans third UK concert in 2017 – third time’s the charm as they say.

Despite the concert being held in The Coronet, a venue in vast need of refurbishment, fans were not deterred from coming to see their favourite group perform. Hours before the concert was to begin, hundreds of fans were already queued outside, stretching all the way around to the nearby tube station and beyond. A number of these fans were said to have been waiting since the early hours of the morning, and even the night before.

Come show time the crowd was electric, chanting for the B.A.P boys to come on stage. Though running slightly late, they were granted their wish and cheers exploded throughout the packed venue.

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The boys performed a selection of their usual hits, plus some very interesting mashups, such as ‘No Mercy’ with a ‘We Will Rock You Twist’.

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For one fan, her favourite moment of the concert was when B.A.P performed ‘With You’, a song they didn’t perform on their previous visit to the UK. Other highlights were their performance of their debut hit ‘Warrior’, along with Youngjae’s sexy cover of Trey Songz’s ‘Slow Motion’.

The show culminated with a 3 song encore, much to the delight of fans. Overall B.A.P put on a fantastic show, outdoing their previous visit to the UK, which makes us very excited for B.A.P in the UK 3.0!


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