g.o.d’s Son Ho Young has returned as a solo artist after five years. His mini album May, I features six tracks, including a collaboration with Huckleberry P, and title track My Weak Point


Written, composed and produced by Mystic Ent ceo Yoon Jong ShinMy Weak Point tells the story of a man who too late comes to appreciate the true value of his significant other.

The mv captures the lyrical narrative well, focusing on the small things she may have done for him that he hadn’t noticed, or appreciated.

We watch as Ho Young wakes an attempts to carry out his morning routine. In what should be an easy everyday routine elements of his life do not run so smoothly. He discovers he’s run out of milk and food for breakfast; he then proceeds to change his clothing, choosing a new top from a disorganised laundry basket next to the washing machine, implying he probably has no clean clothes either.

mv: My Weak PointAs if inspired to do something to change his situation he begins to amend things he has neglected around his house. He waters the garden; picks up his laundry; and takes out his rubbish, his box of newspaper recycling having piled so high it has become heavy even for him. He even goes out to buy milk, though he hasn’t washed any clean clothes yet.

On his return to the house he goes in via the front door, something that feels important to the narrative as he did not use this door at any other point. Mail falls to the ground as he opens the door, and given that feeling there is an implication that his mail may have been neglected too.

There is no confirmation as to who this letter is from, but it does make Ho Young smile for the first time in the mv. This means you can make your own decision as to who sent it. Is it from the significant other he’s been missing? Or simply someone else he’s neglected while adjusting to single life again? Maybe your answer to that is dependent on your knowledge of the artist himself.

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I admittedly write 99% of music video breakdowns with little to no background knowledge on the artists, so despite being able to explain that cryptic little symbol your favourites included in their video at two minutes twenty-six seconds I’d probably miss that slight little nod they added to the way member X always mothers his juniors (for example). But these are the bits that are easy for fans to pick up on, even if the narrative is utterly confusing.
However, things are a little different this time. While the May releases that have excited other UKP writers include tracks from BTS, AKMU, Woohyun and Jessica Jung; this is the only release I have anticipated.

Despite not being written by Son Ho Young himself this track feels completely personal to him, and as he is often involved with the ideas for the lyrics of his songs it’s highly possible it is.
Son grabbed headlines in 2013 as his non-celebrity girlfriend committed suicide. Feeling like he had lost the only person who connected with him outside of his celebrity persona he too attempted suicide. It was the aftermath of his failed attempt that brought g.o.d together again as a family, and as a successful idol group once more.

I’m, of course, biased, but My Weak Point is an impressive show of Ho Young’s vocal skill, with an mv befitting of it’s narrative – it’s certainly worth a watch.


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