One of the most unusual and surreal annual nights of music took place last night, the Eurovision Song Contest 2016! (In case you missed it and have yet to catch up, beware of upcoming result spoilers!)

Germany’s representation came in the form of 18 year old Jamie-Lee and her unique fashion. As it turns out she has a fierce passion for all things Japanese and Korean!

During an interview, Jamie-Lee spoke of how her love of Asian media and fashion came about – it all started when she was younger and would watch Japanese anime series with her brother. Then, one day, she stumbled across a K-Pop video on YouTube and the rest was history. Interestingly, this seems to be a familiar story for many K-Pop fans!

You can watch the full interview below:

Unfortunately, Jamie-Lee came in last in the contest with 11 points, the UK placed 24th with 62 and Ukraine placing first with 534 points.

Still, we hope that Jamie-Lee has a successful future ahead of her and that she is able to fulfill her dream of travelling to South Korea one day!

Here is her Eurovision performance of her song ‘Ghost’:

[Source: Eurovision website].


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