British television broadcasting company ITV Studios will be remaking the Korean drama ‘Who Are You’ for UK television!

Back in March of this year, the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) held its annual creative industries forum. It is the aim of this forum is to promote connections between Korean and UK industries. An agreement had been previously made between CJ E&M and ITV Studios to form a partnership and mutually promote each others’ content in their respective countries. This means that each would be given the right to adapt each other’s content for their own viewers. This included a Korean remake of ITV programme ‘The Secret Life of Students’ and possible future British remakes of CJ E&M’s Korean dramas.

The K-Drama ‘Who Are You?” aired in 2013 and starred So Yi Hyun (also known for 2011 drama ‘Heartstrings’), 2PM member Ok Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook (who also starred in 2010 drama ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night).

The drama ran for 16 episodes and told the story of a female detective Yang Shi Ohn (played by Yi Hyun) who wakes from a coma six years after a terrible accident. She soon realises that she has developed a special power to see ghosts connected to certain objects. Shi Ohn works with her new rookie partner Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon) to help these spirits fulfill the wishes they had left behind from when they were living. Things get even more complicated when the detective’s ex-boyfriend and fellow detective Lee Hyung Joon (Jae Wook), who died in the accident that left her comatose, appears in ghost form and she is forced to re-live what happened on that fateful night.

It will be interesting to see what the British remake of this paranormal Korean drama will be like. Hopefully it will pave the way for more cultural exchanges between South Korean and European media industries!



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