The final instalment of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever’ has recently been released with the title song ‘Fire’ already being quite a hit! We can already tell that this will be a performance to remember from their appearance in the upcoming Kcon in Paris this June!


This comeback song was hyped up, especially from the teaser, though the group certainly did not disappoint with this number. Given that the other songs in the earlier parts in the trilogy instalments were much more considerably chilled and mellow which showed a more serious side to BTS than the tough image they debuted with.

There’s no deeper meaning to the song other than just a simple message to enjoy your youth while you can. Which in itself can be considered quite profound, as often people are so consumed with wanting to grow up that by the time they want time to slow down and enjoy being young, it’s already too late. It’s something that the majority of people are guilty of doing.

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As to be expected, there’s tons of fire thrown in here which includes the masked person at the beginning, several inanimate objects and a car explosion. The budget for this music video production seemed to be pulling out all the stops.  At the start, there’s a masked person who Suga (Min Yoongi) goes to meet, there’s been some theories on who this person could be on whether another member from BTS to suggest a possible sub-unit in the future? Another one was that it was supposed to symbolise a ‘keyboard warrior’, which at the end Suga ends the song with ‘I’ll forgive you’. One aspect about this group that’s key to note is the impressive, fierce choreography which accompanies this head-banger of a song.


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