In need of some cheery tunes this week? Roy Kim’s 2013 hit Bom Bom Bom should fit the bill. A gentle but uplifting melody, it’s easy to sing along to.

Objective: Learn how to express surprise with verb+’neyo’
Bonus vocabulary: Spring, to come, ‘dearest’

The first line is our main focus this week!
봄 봄 봄 봄이 왔네요
Bom bom bom bomi watneyo
rough translation: spring, spring, spring, spring has come surprisingly!

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spring = 봄 bom
to come = 오다 ohda

The verb has ‘오다’ been conjugated twice here.
(1) past tense
came = 왔다 wassda

(2) +surprisingly!
verb+네요 neyo
without (1), this alone would have been 오네요! (come surprisingly)

Another sweet word in this song is an affectionate way to call someone ‘dearest’: 그대여 gutaeyo
You can hear it said several times in the song, as 그대 gudae as well as 그대여.


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