The article posted by The Guardian covered the popular South Korean stew called ‘Budae Jjigae’ or also known as ‘Army Base Stew’. The creation of this particular hearty medley dated back to the Korean war, which was during the times of struggle and food items like meat were not accessible.

The dish itself is a combination of traditional spicy Korean food i.e. Kimchi and Gojuchang (hot pepper paste) with a few American twists such as processed meats in the form of spam and hot dogs added to the delicious concoction. It’s definitely a recipe we would recommend, especially when shared in a group, so if there’s a Korean restaurant near where you live, go and try it!

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Below is a linked video on a modern take on Budae Jjigae from the YouTuber ‘Maangchi’ which goes through a step-by-step guide on how to cook it.


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