Stephane Yu is a South Korean photographer, based in London that is known for his raw, hands on approach to his work. HungerTV, a website counterpart to the biannual magazine (Hunger) from photographer and publisher, Rankin, recently released an interview with the photographer.

In the interview, Stephane is asked about his photographic technique, such as why he prefers to use film instead of digital cameras and why he decided to make the move from South Korea to London.

“…fashion in Korea is very fast-paced and trendy and it’s more like a fast food to me. However, there are many youngsters trying to find their own styles and try new things nowadays. There are very diverse people in London so it’s interesting that it makes me think of different hair and skin colour and culture when I’m photographing people.”

Stephane Yu has an interesting approach to his work, often actively searching for subjects on Instagram and avoiding professional models. He is interested in diversity and giving different people a platform on which to express themselves, rather than giving people an idealised image.

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He is a photographer that embraces the realism in his photography and his interview is a great way to get an insight into his art.

You can read the full interview here.

You can also follow him on Instagram here.

[Sources: HungerTV].


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