It appears that Girls’ Generation member and soloist Tiffany is spending some time in Italy!

The reason for her trip to Europe seems to be that she is currently working on something with the luxury Italian fashion brand Fendi. Or perhaps taking part in their 90th anniversary celebrations?

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She posted a Snapchat update which featured the text “Off to my ROMAN HOLIDAY with FENDI” and mistakenly used the image of an Ivory Coast flag instead of an Italian one, which she then apologised for. (Though, in her defense, they are quite similar!)

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She has also updated her Instagram with a few updates of her time in the country, including a video clip where she asks her followers to recommend some good Italian restaurants and places to visit as she reads an ‘Italy for Dummies’ book.

Here are a couple of her updates:

Girls' Generation, SNSD, Tiffany, Fendi, Italy, Europe Girls' Generation, SNSD, Tiffany, Fendi, Italy, Europe

You can also check out her Instagram and follow all her updates here.

Whatever she is doing, hopefully she is having a great time in Europe!

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