In an interesting new development, a British-Korean entertainment company has been set up and based in London. The company is a collaboration betweed South Korean songwriter Shin Jae-Hong, and the UK based law firm New Media Law.

The company is set up to serve as a more regional music hub, to nurture and provide a starting ground for young writers, producers and musicians, and to provide a bridge between kpop and the british and international market, Shin told Yonhap News.

“Since I studied overseas, I had wished our music would sell globally. K-pop has been doing well so far, but it is still hard to break into the British market. I wanted to set up a channel to publicize our music through collaboration and cooperation with the locals,” he told the Korean news site.

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The two sides of the collaboration met at a music camp, and agreed that it was time to venture into something new in the music market. The entertainment company has opened in the same building as New Media Law already has their own offices.

The firm is also planning to help smaller, already established acts, break into the british market, as well as globally.

In addition the company is planning to host a music camp in October. Set in Britain, the hope is for producers from the UK and Korea to come together and work, in collaboration with the famous Abbey Road studios.


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