The rookie boy group, labelmate of the popular quartet Mamamoo, have recently debuted with their first mini-album called ‘The Action’. The name Vromance is a twist on the word ‘bromance’, as the v is supposed to stand for ‘voice’. For this SOTW, we’ll be looking at their promotional title track ‘She’!


From what we can gather from the lyrics, it tells the sweet tale of someone developing feelings for their friend. Often, it can be the case if one person in the friendship likes the other, it can sometimes be an unrequited love that can end with the person being friendzoned. Though, being on the positive end of the spectrum, it can also spark off a relationship which allows it to develop naturally. The song is a funky, retro track which is accompanied by the heavenly harmonies which is to be expected from the brother group to Mamamoo. It’s an infectious, feel good song and an impressive debut which showcases their talent and potential!

tumblr_o9w8r1uYJj1vz25w7o1_540“I smile thanks to you, you.”

“You were a easy friend and made me feel comfortable
And I never thought I could feel this way for you, She.”



First and foremost, it’s an adorable debut MV that’s sweet enough to give you a toothache. It’s a fresh concept of trying to confess the unspoken feelings to a close friend. The opening sequence reveals a cameo from Mamamoo’s Hwasa doing a drum solo then the scene cuts to the group itself. The boys are all donned in fuchsia pink suits and are overflowing with charm. The music video includes four couples, of whom consist of a pair of children, two sets of adults and an elderly couple and certainly isn’t short of any moments that make the watcher swoon.

If you haven’t already watched the MV, go check them out!


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