You may remember us covering a YouTuber called ‘Korean Billy’ a little while ago. ‘Korean Billy’ – whose real name is actually Seong Jae Keong – lives in Seoul, but has become an expert at multiple British dialects.

He uses his YouTube channel to teach his viewers about the multiple slang words that originate from the United Kingdom.

The Liverpool-based news outlet ‘The Liverpool Echo’ clearly especially liked his interpretation of the ‘Scouse’ accent, and have interviewed the YouTuber about his love of British dialects!

Seong Jae Keong discusses the time he spent in the north of England when he was an exchange student at University of Central Lancashire which was when he first learnt about the various ways people speak in the UK.

He also talks about what else he covers in his YouTube videos and what his plans and ambitions are for the future:

There are still a lot of British dialects and languages for me to explore. I’m hoping to make videos about the Glaswegian dialect and Welsh in the future since they also sound distinctive to me. Also, since my Youtube channel covers various topics including British culture and Korean culture, I will make more videos about those topics as well. I’ll also keep trying hard to achieve my goal of working as a broadcast journalist or a multimedia journalist in the UK.

The Korean YouTuber was also featured on British programme ‘Have I Got  A Bit More News For You’ and entertained the panelists with his great Scouse accent.

You can read the full interview here!

[Source: Liverpool Echo].


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