We’re back this week with another make-up review for you all, and unsurprisingly; it’s another Etude House product! This week, we’ll be taking a look at their ‘Look at my Eyes’ eye shadow collection. Within the collection, there are plenty of different shades to pick from as well as finishes! There are matte, metallic and even jewel type finishes; this’ll give you more than enough options when trying to pick which to get.

look at my eyes

Recently, Etude House brought out a special colour range specifically for 2016’s Spring/Summer season. There are 10  limited edition shades added to their normal collection, and each have different finishes from the matte variety to glitter. The collection is perfect for the season, as you’ve got a wide range of colours for both everyday make-up looks and you can even add some extra drama with the darker colours in the set. One of the great things about these shadows is a lot of the shimmery colours are perfect for highlighters- and the peachy and pink tones make great blushers! Especially if you’re doing any travelling, the compact size of the shadows themselves comes in handy. The packaging itself is a decorate clear clip top container, they’re really easy to depot and add into your own empty pallets as trying to find small eye shadows could end up troublesome.

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The shadows themselves blend really easily! This makes any eye shadow looks really easy to create- and they take hardly any time. The colour payoff is incredible too, I was expecting to have trouble with the lighter shadows but they also have great opaque coverage, and the shimmery tones build up glitter the more you layer them. Personally, I think all of these shades would suit every eye colour and skin tone which makes them an even better deal as you don’t have to worry about getting one that won’t work for you.

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