As with every summer annually, we’ve come to anticipate Hyuna’s comeback! Especially with the aftermath of 4Minute’s disbandment news in late May, there was much speculation over the event. However, despite the saddening news for their fans, Hyuna having chosen to renew her contract with Cube Entertainment will continue to promote as a solo artist. So without further ado, we’ll be looking at her newest title track which is ‘How’s This?’



This song is for sure suited for clubs and parties, with this recent addition to Hyuna’s collection having a similar vibe to her ‘Roll Deep’. There’s a sense of Hyuna not giving a damn about anything and the conceptions that her audience may have of her and instead focusing on doing what she wants to do. It’s not something that contains a deep hidden meaning, not many title songs do for that matter, it’s simply music that’s either catchy or a good tune to listen to.

Instead, she’s being unapologetic about who she is and argues back with this line: “Please stop saying advice. That’s the way I am”. With every artist, there’s some kind of criticism that they carry around with them. In Hyuna’s case, it’s often stated that she overplays the sexual concept. Though, it’s a label that is attached to her artist persona rather than the side of Hyuna off stage and from the camera. There’s a number of occasions in the lyrics that she’s encouraging the listener, not to worry about not being a good dancer but rather to just enjoy yourself and to live in the moment.


There’s definitely been a progression with Hyuna’s music videos, especially looking back as far as ‘Bubble Pop’ which is quite tame in comparison to her most recent MV’s to date. But that isn’t a bad thing, as with every artist when they grow older they’ll want to explore different concepts. She’s somebody who’s not afraid of pushing boundaries with her suggestive music videos and ‘How’s This’ is no exception. The bar’s been raised once again as it’s said that there were around 100 dancers in this particular MV.

Though, there has always been a double standard in terms of sexuality in K-pop music videos. It seems to be the case that it’s acceptable for a boy group, however this doesn’t apply to girl groups. Of course, there’s going to be different views depending on culture or anything related, but that doesn’t make it anymore less frustrating.


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