Happy first anniversary today to DIA! The MBK Entertainment girls made their debut on September 14, 2015, and rewarded fans today with a special MV release, The Love. They’re currently mid-promoting a new mini album, Spell, and wizard-themed comeback track Mr Potter.

DIA’s initials stand for Diamond, or Do It Amazing. The members are Eunice (leader), Huihyeon (aka Cathy), Jenny, Yebin, Eunjin, Chaeyeon, and Eunchae. Eunchae is the maknae and the newest member of the group, having joined in March.

Up until April this year, Cho Seunghee was also in the band, in fact she was the leader, but decided that she didn’t want to renew her contract with MBK and is focusing on her acting career instead.

If two of the girls look very familiar, you’ve likely been watching Produce 101. Just four months after the girls’ first release Do It Amazing, Huihyeon/Cathy and Chaeyeon were withdrawn from the group to take part in the TV show, as they had already signed contracts prior with Mnet to debut. Pitting two girls who’d already had debut experience up against a lot of inexperienced rookies wasn’t a popular move at first, but the girls themselves proved strong contenders on the show. Cathy was eliminated from the top 11, but Chaeyeon made it – and can also be seen promoting with I.O.I over the next year.

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Both girls rejoined the group promotions for this month’s comeback, and took part in a special showcase two days ago in Seoul.

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