This sub-unit from YGE has been teased about for months, with fans from both WINNER and iKON anticipating their music releases. To kick off, the hip hop duo released their solo tracks respectively before posting the collaborative songs. Though, with their predecessor duo GD&TOP, they do have big shoes to fill in there. However, with the new generation of artists, they may bring something new to the table.


The song features Kush, a producer at YG entertainment who is a judge on the rapping programme ‘Show Me The Money 5’. He performed on a special stage by collaborating with fellow YG teammate Zion.T on the show with the track ‘Machine Gun’. He featured in the chorus of this song, which is super catchy. Though, this particular sound wasn’t something I would have expected from this sub-unit. It looks like the stark opposite from their other title track ‘Full House’ which had a surprise appearance from CL in the MV. While in that song, the boys appear to be much more serious and almost gangster like vibe and clearly more interested in hooking up with girls. ‘Hit Me’ couldn’t be anymore different, at least it has more of a fun element to it.

“Hurry and call, hurry and call”.

“We’re going back home when the sun rises tomorrow
Call them all out,”

So, in regards to the meaning of the song – it’s simply about going out and having a good time, not wasting nights doing nothing but relishing in good company and enjoying what life has to offer. Which seems to be the general theme of most of the summer songs this year. The following lyrics can be somewhat relatable, especially when you’re trying to make plans with people or suddenly decide to go out to some party or club – whether they are spontaneous or not, and you get zero to none responses. The options were consist usually of the other people being busy or they just don’t want to hang out (or even, if they’re just overused to the text messages of going out really). Especially for some (if most the majority) of people with jobs understandably would not feel inclined to drink copious amounts of alcohol and stay up until the morning if they have work the next morning.

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“I wanna play today
But is my phone marked as spam? Everyone’s ignoring”.


In comparison to their other title track ‘Full House’, the tone of this MV couldn’t be anymore different. It’s fun and which lets the boys be their dorky selves. It starts off with the boys being frustrated about no-one answering their calls upon their sudden decision to go partying all night long. Nearly halfway into the video, just as they jump into a taxi, the music cuts off and is replaced with a supposedly sad song which looks to have killed their vibes. Which is quickly restored as the driver puts on their song as they jam out in unison. Which, of course, carries on with the rest of the MV, with the scenery changes from the party to the streets.

It looks like they boys had a blast filming this, as a result from this collaboration it brought together two individuals with an abundance of enthusiasm and high spirits which matched the tone of ‘Hit Me’. While they both offer different songs respectively, it seems like they bring the party when they join forces. This is certainly a different yet welcomed change from the typical boxed music videos. If they’re set to perform together at the MAMA awards, we can only anticipate how fun their stage will be!


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