After 5 years of performing, a string of successful songs and an expansive fanbase across the globe, MyName finally announced their European tour with a stop in London. The announcement was a surprise to many who have followed the group for so long. The 5 piece group, created by Fly To The Sky member Hwanhee, comprises of GunWoo, InSoo, SeYong, JunQ and ChaeJin. They took to the stage for the first time ever in London on Saturday 10th September at the O2 Academy in Islington. Fans from all over the country, Europe and the beyond queued for hours to watch the fantastic show.


Fans queued for hours! And looked fantastic with their MyName merch, signs and light sticks!

As with all concerts, the anticipation to finally see your idols on stage in person is the hardest waiting game. The show began with a montage of the members prompting screams even before they took to the stage. They broke into a dance number for their introduction song and fans went wild. For anyone seeing MyName perform for the first time, they were wowed by their strong vocal talent and solid rap skills. They showcased their technical dancing abilities with Baby I’m Sorry next. A powerful song and every whisper of ‘baby’ was drowned by the screams of fans. They invited the crowd to sing with them through the chorus. Their electric performance continued for the next track which was one of the most energetic performances of the night, the choreography seemed more like a workout than a dance routine. The boys jumped around, waving to fans and performing individual dance breaks. A very fun and bright performance overall!

myname2The boys took a break to thank the fans for coming along to their first UK show.

I love you. Good to see you – SeYong

Retro pop track, Hello and Goodbye was up next on the setlist. It was a guy group classic. It ended with every member doing a handstand and the crowd went crazy. After six consecutive songs, the group continued on to their next track which was a suave performance. Still no outfit change, the members gave it their all without chance of a break and it really was a personal performance. They stood on the edge of the stage looking out to the crowd and waving in sync with their fans.


The group went straight into a cover of Westlife’s Coast to Coast which was a perfect ballad to end the first half of their show. Fans sang the lyrics back to them and were taken aback by their strong vocals and harmonisation. It was a blast from the past and a great cover. The stage faded to black for a quick outfit change!

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SeYong surprised fans with a solo dance break and the rest of the group returned for the second part of the show. Fans were treated with another English cover and this time it was a hot song from the summer, Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again. The group encouraged fans to sing along with them and harmonised with them as they sang back.

Jumping around the stage to the next show stopper, You’re the One. It was an energetic dance track and everyone in the venue was feeling the high. Are you guys enjoying the show?! The cheers and screams were on fire. It was their first time in London and they felt so much passion and heat from the crowd. They mentioned how much they loved the British accent and followed with an impression of how we say ‘water’. They explained how happy they were to see so many fans and JunQ teased MyGirl’s by describing them as cool and beautiful.


They played Luv Taker next and grabbed a Union Jack flag for the performance. This was one of the most memorable performances and ended with head banging and fans going crazy for more!

MyName disappeared off stage for an inevitable encore. Fans chanted MYNAME and they imminently appeared back on stage for their closing numbers.


Heading to Paris the day after, the group promised to return to London and thanked the fans for all their support. They didn’t want the show to end as much as their fans didn’t. MyName turned the venue into a club party for the night. And every person in the room was transfixed to the stage for the encore set. MyName owned every move and every note all night long. The show ended with a long bow from the members and an alive crowd trying to absorb those last two hours.

MyName put on a great show in London and although we heard no mention of any upcoming music, we hope they return to set the stage on fire in London once again!

Photography by Freya Bigg


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