NCT’s brand new sub-unit NCT Dream have made their debut and released their first MV – ‘Chewing Gum’. Here’s how you get the look!

Check out the super bubbly (sorry) MV below:

The fashion here is very bright and boyish, and given that all the members in the group range from the young ages of 14-17, it’s not a surprise! The main idea for this concept is to go very bright and bold. Don’t be afraid to embrace all the colours of the rainbow (including pinks, for the guys out there especially!). The boundaries are only what you put up for yourself, so go wild!

The members pair a lot of their bright colours with blue denim, which of course, is a great wardrobe staple to have anyway, as it is very versatile. Finish the look off with some bright trainers, and that’s it!

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  1. Black Snoopy Print T-Shirt – Topman: £22
  2. New Look Super Skinny Jeans in Bright Blue – ASOS: £24.99
  3. ASOS Stripe 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt – ASOS: £6
  4. White Linen Slim Fit Shorts – River Island: £12
  5. Liquor & Poker Super Skinny Jeans Burgundy – ASOS: £35
  6. Slim Fit Denim Dungarees Shorts – – £25
  7. Salmon Pink Oxford Shirt – River Island: £20
  8. Superdry Check Shirt – ASOS: £45
  9. All Over Floral Panel T-Shirt – £8
  10. Men’s White Perforated Trainers – New Look: £9
  11. ASOS Lace Up Plimsolls in Burgundy Canvas With Toe Cap – ASOS: £16
  12. Cerys Washed Denim Baseball Cap – £6

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get very bright colours in men’s clothing on the British high street; however different shades and choices are gradually creeping in for male high street fashion. The main idea is to be open minded and brave with your colour palette and try something aside from neutral shades.

This look is also great for the transition period into the colder weather. You can mix and match with shorts/jeans or add a cool jacket or hoodie, all while keeping the cheerful feel of summer!

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