As Seoul Fashion Week comes to an end there is one Korean designer international fashion media can’t get enough of, and it isn’t any of the ones who walked their collection down a conventional runway at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Bajowoo, founder and sole designer of Korea’s first punk fashion label 99%IS, doesn’t do anything by convention – and the likes of Vogue and W can’t get enough.
The articles throw out comparisons to Kanye West, and Hood By Air – notorious street wear giants that don’t follow the rules.

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Vogue: Bajowoo

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A full-flung punk rock rebellion unfolded on the runway: models with crushed can eye patches blowing clouds of smoke into the night air, or freely swinging a beer bottle by the neck, so that flecks of it flew onto the catwalk. Held on October 18 for a bit of wordplay (ship-pal, 18; shibal, fuck), it recalled the audacious spirit of Hood By Air, another underground streetwear brand that blew up—one reason those in the know consider 99%IS the next big thing from Korea.VOGUE: BAJOWOO is the breakout designer korea has been looking for

Photography by Jinny Park

Photography by Jinny Park

Whereas the Punk subculture is likely to look down upon the ‘Fashion Punk’ Bajowoo embraces this as his target market, and the fashion world is finally taking notice.

W: Bajowoo

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“People are not interested, and don’t know about the one percent of us that cannot fit in with the rest,” said Bajowoo of his army of K-Punks, who may not be mainstream yet, but are certainly a community of their own. “But for me and my friends, it’s everything. It’s 99-percent.”W: THIS man might be the kanye west of seoul fashion week

The ethos of 99%IS centres around revitalising the punk image for himself and his punk friends, but also to share the spirit of the subculture with anyone open to accepting the ‘one percent’.

There is currently no UK stockists for the brand 99%IS, though who knows, with international fashion media falling in love with Korea’s punk fashion designer it could be just a matter of time before the brand is a household name.



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