Halloween is nearly upon us once again with the day just around the corner and Twice are getting us excited for it with their themed MV! The popular JYP girl group Twice have recently made their comeback with ‘TT’ and reportedly received an all-kill upon the release.

On a related note while we’re on the topic of Halloween, if you haven’t heard of Grace – a soloist who debuted this year and participated on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ just came out with her comeback song ‘Trick or Treat’!


As with their previous releases, this particular track has a sweet concept that’s becoming something of a trademark theme for Twice. They have a kind of girl-next-door kind of vibe going for them. In regards to the meaning of the title (T_T) if you don’t know, is supposed to be the crying emoji. Innocent enough, right? Though the english pronunciation may be slightly suggestive as well as in the Filipino language it’s translated into something less innocent.

Though, in comparison to their last song ‘Cheer Up’ which helped the group grow in popularity, I personally like this one much better. There’s something about the transitions with the song itself really blends nicely together with the odd insertion of dubstep music into the chorus. The lyrics paint the scene of the girls pining for their crush, feeling timid and not knowing how to express their feelings. They build themselves to the point, thinking of all the possible ‘idealistic’ scenarios in their minds of how their crush would return the feelings, however it looks as if they crumble under the pressure and evade the potentially soul-crushing experience of rejection.

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“This time, for sure sure, I’ll be the first to talk talk
But it’s only in my head, always only in my head”.


If it wasn’t already obvious by the teasers, this MV concept was inspired by Halloween! The much anticipated day of the year, for those who relish in the excuse to dress up or watch a scary movie marathon. The music video starts off with two little kids dressed up to go treat or treating – though, it’s somewhat unrealistic that they would go into a house without an adult, though in a K-pop MV, that should automatically put some context into it. Each of the members are dressed in different costumes, some traditionally what you could see people dressing up as, i.e. a vampire, pirate, devil and the ever popular children’s choice of Elsa while other more comical ideas are thrown in.

Then, with the cliffhanger of the ‘to be continued’ at the very end, what’s going to be next?


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