Recently, GOT7 held a special fan Meet & Greet for M Wave. It involved the members chatting and answering questions from fans.

A fan from London sent in a question, asking who out of the group could do the best ‘British accent’.

Now, if you’re from the UK, you are likely thinking “There’s NO such thing as a British accent!” Like most countries, Britain is packed with a huge variety of accents and dialects, but a ‘British accent’ is usually a term used for a London accent. This in itself can vary from cockney all the way to Queen’s English…but it seems that GOT7 went for the latter here.

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After taking a while to get to grips with the question, the ever-confident Jackson shouts out: “Chop chop, 4 ‘o’ clock, time for tea!” as well as a couple of references to the popular British franchise Harry Potter. He then prompts a couple of the other members to give it a try.

Have a watch below:

What do you think of their accents? Good or bad?!


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