The YGE rookie girl group have returned with two new releases which include ‘Stay’ and ‘Playing With Fire’. With the latter of which we’ll be looking at this week. The girls had certainty made a lasting impression with their debut in the summer as they grabbed attention from both a domestic and international audience who seemed captivated.

Though, while there are similarities of their concept style thrown around in regards to their seniors ‘2NE1’, it’s still early days for this group yet there’s still much potential for BLACKPINK as they’re one to watch!


This has a different sound in comparison to other singles, it’s not the kind generic pop style you could find in some K-pop albums. You really get to hear their vocals on an individual level, particularly more so in ‘Stay’. The idea of playing with fire often refers to do something that could potentially cause harm or anything that could be viewed as a dangerous risk. It’s a constant vicious cycle in which there will always leaves at least one person hurt, or in this case ‘burned’. They’re using the analogy of love being similar to playing with fire, in the first opening lines of the song Jennie croons out the following paragraph.

“My mom told me every day
To always be careful of guys
Because love is like playing with fire
I’ll get hurt”.

Which acts as kind of a warning that she had gotten from her mother, to not be naive when it comes to guys as not all have good intentions. That is some pretty solid advice that is applicable to anyone, not just to guys. Then in the chorus, the first two lines which say: ‘My love is on fire’ could imply that they’re feeling are strong and intense, they want their loved one to know how much they feel about them.

“My love is on fire
Now burn baby burn”.


First of all, the girls are all very serene at the start of the video. On that note, throughout the MV they look very stylish! We’re sure fans will be happy with having new content from the group while they’re still in the promoting period before they disappear off the face of the earth until they have their next comeback.

As aforementioned in Jennie’s part – her mother’s words seem to be foreshadowing as she’s seen on the back of a motorcycle. It’s a stereotype that doesn’t apply to all, but it’s typically seen that ‘bad boys’ are often ones that use such means of transport. As with the title of the song, there’s plenty of fire used in this MV, in some of the shots of the video it looks like the girls are close to the flames to further support the concept of the song. Though, they do not express fear from the near-contact, almost in a way that shows off they do not care if they get burned by the one they love.


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