Finally A-Pink’s younger brothers have made their official debut! Plan A Entertainment’s new boy band VICTON just released their MV I’m Fine.

The seven guys are Seungwoo (leader), Seungsik (vocals), Heochan (main dancer), Sejun (vocals, visual), Hanse (rapper), Byungchan (vocals) and Subin (vocals, maknae). The name VICTON is a short for ‘Voice to New World’, as the boys hope to spread their music globally.

A few months ago, the guys featured in their own reality show for Mnet, called Me & 7 Men. The show concept – an invisible girl following the guys at work and at home – offered an up-close (if slightly stalker-like!) look at pre-debut life. It’s a great way to learn about the boys’ characters, get a nose at the range of lessons idols have (yes, English lessons too!) and meet Subin’s kitten, Jaws.

Me & 7 Men Episode 1 (English subs)

A week ago, in preparation for their debut, they performed live at COEX mall, showing off some powerful synched choreo in the style of EXO and BTS. It’s no surprise to see they performed a cover of BTS’ Fire at the event.

The guys held their first showcase and released their mini-album, also called Voice to New World, today. Here’s I’m Fine at today’s showcase from Zenith News.

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